Immersive Video Ads inside Games and Metaverses

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming and entertainment platform that brings 71.5 million daily active users and 4.4+ million active immersive experiences, from gaming to social hangouts, to concerts, sports, fashion shows, education, and entertainment together.

Immersive Ads

Over the last few years, Roblox has been actively experimenting with immersive ads, allowing developers to insert video ads into their virtual worlds. The company’s latest insight and measurement metrics indicate that Roblox users are noticing and receiving more positively to brands on the platform compared to other places.

Additionally, according to a recent survey conducted by Latitude, 78% of Roblox users enjoy immersive video experiences from brands, especially when these experiences are complemented by in-game content such as avatars, costumes, and items of brands. Furthermore, these video ads are immersive and do not disturb player experience in the same way that traditional in-game ads (banner/image ads, nonintrinsic ads – watch the video to continue the game) might.

Currently, immersive ads within Roblox’s 3D virtual environment are an experimental feature, and there are a limited number of them on the platform. However, the company indicates that it will continue experimenting with video ads on its metaverse to assess the impact of that initiative.

Immersive Ads with HISPlayer

HISPlayer’s Unity and Unreal Video Player SDKs already support the most advanced ad insertion (SSAI, SGAI & CSAI) technology, offering a powerful solution for Unity and Unreal Engine game developers. This allows them to seamlessly include video ads into their XR apps, Web3 blockchain-based projects, metaverses, and video games. Video ads are already common in the OTT(Over-The-Top) industry. With HISPlayer SDKs, developers can unlock a new way to monetize and increase game revenue.  

Our Unity and Unreal Video Player SDK doesn’t require tailor-made 3D content, allowing broadcasters to directly expand their audience for OTT ads.

Dynamic video ads with HISPlayer

HISPlayer is the premium multiplatform video streaming player for the most popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine (Epic Games). It supports HLS and DASH streaming formats across desktop, mobile, web, VR/AR, securing the highest video quality. 

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