HTML5 Player SDK​

The Player SDK for premium OTT Apps on Web, Tizen, WebOS, Xbox, PlayStation and Hisense TVs


One Player SDK for all your Big screens

Our HTML5 Player SDK enables premium DASH and HLS video streaming at Tizen, WebOS, Web, Xbox, PlayStation 4/5 and Hisense Apps

Premium Customer Support

Our team is used to satisfying the highest level of customer support, we are ready to customize our software for your project's needs.


No matter the content formats you have on Android/iOS, we will play them on large screens, including the most advanced ad insertion technology.

One Player SDK for all your
Large Screens Applications

Web browsers

Secure the highest quality video streaming with HLS and DASH formats across all browsers. Our player SDK includes the most advanced features such as ad insertion, advanced metadata extraction, multi-stream, CDN network adaptation, deep events detection, and fully customizable APIs. We are experts on WebGL technology to secure the best performances also at VR environments.

Smart TVs

HISPlayer for SmartTVs will let you reuse your Android  HLS and DASH streams in your large screens apps. We support the most advanced features such as fast channel switching, DRM, any kind of subtitle formats, Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and the latest monetisation methods such as AWS MediaTailor or customized ID3 tags. Our player SDK is fully customizable for your project needs, tell us about your challenges!

Gaming Consoles

HISPlayer for Xbox and PlayStation will let you publish your OTT apps also in those devices despite the limited native player capabilities. The supported features are the same ones as for SmartTVs, so that you will be able to reuse your video streams across gaming devices as well. Time to let your customers enjoy your contents at new devices? Contact us!.

Features Overview


  • mp4 progressive download and playback
  • HLS & DASH Streams with ABR (Adaptive Bitrate)
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Server-Side Ad Insertion
  • Client-Side Ad Insertion 
  • ABR and UHD Video: 4K, 8K
  • Metadata: ID3 Tags, EMSG boxes signaling
  • Multi-stream
  • 360 Video Playback and Virtual Reality (VR), reset view functionality 
  • UI button for the 360/VR video
  • Easy to integrate
  • Light library size
  • Smart Track Selection (The player checks the different tracks of the manifest and picks up the codecs or resolution supported by hardware)


  • Fully Customizable UI and integration for external UI 
  • Multiple audio/video tracks
  • Trick Play
  • Time-shifting
  • Analytics solutions (Conviva, NPAW, Agama, New Relic, Mux,..)
  • DVR Live Streaming
  • Picture-in-picture (browsers only)
  • VTT external thumbnails
  • External & Internal Subtitles & CC (WebVTT, TTML, CEA-608/CEA-708, SRT, SSA/ASS, LRC)
  • Custom render to unify subtitles style on every platform
  • Chapters
  • API to retrieve the video’s info (initial / current buffer time, starting time)
  • API to work with the videos directly (ex: add new videos to the queue to ease the fast channel switching or remove videos to release memory)
  • Advanced API to Control DAI streams related Events

Ad Insertion

  • VAST, VPAID, VMAP, Playlist
  • Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll
  • IMA SDK for Client-Side Ad Insertion
  • IMA DAI SDK for Server-Side Ad Insertion
  • AWS MediaTailor for Client-Side
  • AWS MediaTailor for Server-Side
  • AWS MediaTailor overlays


  • Widevine DRM
  • PlayReady DRM
  • FairPlay DRM
  • ClearKey DRM
  • HLS AES-128

Use Cases

obs, dolby, dolby laboratories, streaming software, enhance audio file, what is bitrate, benefits of fan engagement solutions, auction video switcher, delivers broadcast quality live streaming at ultra low latency, enabling interactivity and fan engagement, enhance audio, real-time streaming, Improving the sound quality of your audio files or video recordings 

VR / Immersive 360 Video

Time to offer seamless 360 video streaming across all browsers

AWS Elemental MediaTailor

The most advanced ad-insertion with AWS Elemental MediaTailor and HISPlayer

Xbox & PlayStation Player SDKs

Bring your Premium OTT Apps into Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation

Real-Time Streaming API: Low Latency Streaming, Realtime streaming for massive global audiences, HLS Player, m3u8, DASH Player, m3u8 – HLS + DASH Player, Player Testing, Players · Stream Validator. Player Testing. hls.js. hls.js; dash.js, LL-HLS, LL-DASH, SSAI, Ad insertion, Dynamic Ad Insertion

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