The Video Player SDK for Unity Games

Include HLS and DASH Video Streaming with DRM protection inside your Unity Games and VR/AR Apps. 

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Our Unity Video Player Plugin works across all devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, UWP and WebGL. So, you can launch your XR project on glasses such as Hololens, Apple Vision Pro, and Meta but also on regular mobile phones or PCs.


We include DRM support such as Widevine to protect your premium contents. This will allow you to reuse the contents and URLs used in regular OTT services.

Premium Customer Support

If you are missing any feature in our plugin or need any custom development, we will make it happen for you. No limits!

A revolution for Games and Metaverses


In-game Live Events

Our plugin supports Live and VOD streaming in DASH and HLS formats, making possible to include events such as concerts or sport games inside your apps.


VR/AR/XR Experiences

Our Unity SDK enables immersive and interactive streaming, including spatial audio, multistream, UHD resolutions and legacy features such as subtitles or add insertion on devices like Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro or Hololens. 



Missing video streaming at your Metaverse? Our plugin makes it very easy, thanks to the sample code included in our packages. We can play any content from the OTT industry inside your Metaverse.

Features Overview

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  • Mp4 progressive download and playback
  • HLS & DASH streams (Live and VOD)
  • Advanced ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) control
  • AES-128 HLS
  • DRM Content Protection for Android & iOS
  • Widevine DRM protection for HLS & DASH
  • DRM Token at Unity
  • Editor (Easy to Use)
  • 8K (UHD) Resolution
  • Rendering Videos on 2D & 3D Objects
  • VR and 360 Video (Mono, Stereo)

Basic Features

  • Auto Playback
  • Play / Pause
  • Seek
  • Audio Volume Adjustment / Mute
  • Loop Playback
  • Configurable Aspect Ratio
  • Portrait / Landscape Orientation
  • Playback speed control

Advanced Features

  • Adjustable Buffering Time
  • Low Latency HLS & DASH Streaming
  • Offline Streaming Playback for HLS & DASH
  • Offline HLS Playback with AES-128
  • Multi-Stream (Display Multiple Streams)
  • SRT, SMI, WebVTT Subtitles & CEA-608/708 Closed Captions
  • Multiple Audio & Subtitle Track Selection
  • Spread Video Across Multiple Objects
  • Content Information and Statistics (Audio & Video Bitrate, Codec, Average FPS, etc.)
  • Transparency and Chroma Support
  • Audio PCM Data
  • Audio playback back to Unity AudioSource (2D & 3D spatial audio sound effect)
  • Decoded Frame Buffer Retrieval
  • Server-Side Ad Insertion (Yospace, AWS Media Tailor, Google DAI)
  • Client-Side Ad Insertion

360 Video and VR/AR/XR 

*  There are a few options in the settings for creating 360 content

  • Mapping: 6 Frames Layout / Latitude Longitude Layout
  • Image Type: 180 Degrees / 360 Degrees
  • 3D Layout: None / Side by side / Over-Under

Use Cases

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Gambling and Betting

Most of the Unity casino games do not include real-time video of casinos or roulettes, but just graphical content. HISPlayer will allow you to combine your current betting apps and websites with actual video streaming. No more bets please, HISPlayer makes it possible already!

Virtual Rooms

You can call it metaverse, you can call it game or you can just call it a virtual room where you can now enjoy premium video contents at any device. No limits to your imagination to captivate your audience. 

Web Metaverses

Web sites are often more convenient to bring your customers into the world of interactivity and VR in a faster way, without the need to additional devices such as glasses. Our WebGL SDK is very easy to integrate into any web site, making use of HW components to secure 4K video quality.

Live Events

Want to offer a live event such as a concert, with premium video and audio quality? No problem with HISPlayer plugin, that will even allow you to stream several live videos at the same time for the same Unity or Unreal game. 

Immersive OTT Apps

With HISPlayer, Unity and Unreal, OTT service providers can now offer their video contents through fully immersive and interactive apps. With the same top quality and even with DRM protection, our customers are reusing their existing contents at multiplayer game-like OTT apps.

OTT content inside Games​

Bring your premium OTT content into Unity and Unreal games and take your user’s experience to the next level. Make your next-gen web3 games based on blockchain technology alive with video streaming.

Unreal Pixel Streaming

Time to generate truly interactive contents customized for your end users profiles? Have you heard of Pixel Streaming? Do you know that our streaming player SDK works now also for Unreal Pixel Streaming? Go for it!


One of the main concerns in the gaming industry is how to monetize or increase the revenue of the games. Our streaming player SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine will let you include and charge for premium video contents. You will be also able to include video ads as it is already common in the OTT industry. Boost your revenue!

Twitch streams inside Games

Our Plugins for Unity and Unreal enable the insertion of premium video streaming inside games. One use case is the combination of well established contents such as Twitch with related games on the same screen and fully customize for the end users. Sounds like a futuristic scenario? We make it possible today!


Metadata doesnt need to be a boring text. Our SDKs for Unity and Unreal will also extract metadata out of your streams and show them to end users in the fanciest way ever seen before. Imaging combining the most advanced graphics with the most advanced metadata!

Microsoft HoloLens

Missing premium video streaming inside your HoloLens AR, XR, or MR apps? HISPlayer SDK for Unity Engine makes it possible, including the support of Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Our SDK enables very quick integration and the most impressive video quality on the glasses thanks to our HW-optimized software and to our advanced ABR technology.

In-car Infotainment

In-car infotainment is becoming very popular and one of the key selling arguments in the car industry. Unity is one of the technologies being used for this purpose; HISPlayer can be also used there, to bring premium video streaming also inside cars. 


DRM protection

DRM protection is key for the distribution of premium content. HISPlayer SDK for Unity now allows premium OTT service providers to reuse their DRM-protected contents inside Unity games on Android and iOS


Audio PCM data

Looking for crazy video streaming use cases inside your Unity and Unreal games? Afraid that it is technically not possible? Here is an example: We recently added an API to access audio PCM data for a very advanced audio project at one of our customers. No limits to your ideas.


Spatial Audio

Our Unity video streaming SDK is now compatible with Audiokinetic Wwise audio. Blend spatial audio with best-in-class streaming in Unity. Interactive and immersive audio solution for media and gaming.

VideoPlayer – Scripting API – Unity – Manual, Video.VideoPlayer – Unity Scripting API.

Apple Vision Pro

Unity Vision Pro SK, simulator,  immersive real-time 3D apps, simulation, Apple’s new spatial computing platform, Unity visionOS

HISPlayer’s Unity Video Player is now available for Apple Vision Pro. Start bringing your OTT content also into this amazing device with cutting-edge spatial computing. 

web3 games, blockchain

 Apple Vision Pro with Unity, fully immersive VR apps, visionOS, start building spatial apps with premium video streaming for Apple Vision Pro with Unity, visionOS – Apple Developer,

Server-side & Client-side Ad Insertion

Do you want to monetize your games? Or maybe expand your audience for OTT ads? No worries, we are now compatible with any kind of ad insertion technology also on Unity.

Create for Apple Vision Pro and visionOS, creating and streaming immersive Spatial Video for Vision Pro with Unity URP.

Offline HLS with AES 128

Apple Vision Pro offers an infinite spatial canvas to explore, experiment, and giving you the freedom to completely rethink your experience in 3D.

Content protection is key for the distribution of premium contents, but also advanced features such as the offline playback of those protected contents. HISPlayer now supports Offline HLS, including AES128 encryption.

Real-time Streaming and Interactivity for massive global audiences, our Unity video player delivers broadcast quality live streaming with low latency, enabling real-time interactivity and fan engagement. dolby, obs, audio

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