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Bring HLS and DASH Video Streaming into Unreal Engine Games and Metaverses

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Bring your Unreal games to the next level by including actual video items inside your apps. Imaging changing your games contents dynamically, including concerts, ads, tutorials...no limits!. Moreover, if you are using Pixel Streaming to create contents, you will be now able to include video streaming there as well.


Our SDK secures the highest video streaming quality, what will allow you to include also premium video contents inside your Unreal games. Our advanced ABR technology will adapt the video resolutions to the given network conditions and make sure that the regular OTT contents are looking also great inside Unreal Engine.

Premium Customer Support

Our team is used to satisfy the highest level of customer support, we are ready to fully customize our software for your project's needs.

Stream Video into Unreal Engine Games

Easy Integration

Our Unreal media player supports both VOD and Live streams in HLS and DASH formats. It is very easy to integrate  and our package includes a sample project in source code. Get your demo today!

No limits

Do you have in mind a crazy scenario such as multiple videos synchronized with the actions inside your game? Tell us about your ideas, we will make sure that the media player capability doesnt stop them!

Multi device

Our cross-platform player SDK supports different devices and operating systems. Start working on Windows PC, Android, iOS, MacOS, and HTML5, and you will be able to publish your app for many different devices at once.

Features Overview

Basic Features

  • Open Video Content
  • Play / Pause
  • Resume
  • Stop
  • Loop
  • AutoPlay
  • Mute
  • Close
  • Seek / Scrubbing
  • Volume Control
  • Get Current Position
  • Get Total Time

Advanced Featuress

  • HLS & DASH Streaming
  • Local Video Playback
  • Advanced ABR control (Adaptive Bitrate)
  • Get Track Resolution 
  • Get Current Resolution
  • Select Resolution
  • Stereo 360 Video Playback and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Windows & MacOS Editor (C++ & Blueprint)
  • 4K (UHD) Resolution
  • 8K (UHD) Resolution 
  • 60 Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Rendering Videos on 3D Objects
  • Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS)
  • ID3 Tag
  • Timed Metadata
  • Audio PCM Data
  • Pixel Streaming Unreal Engine
  • MultiStream
  • MultiView (Display Multiple Synchronized Streams)
  • Widevine DRM Protection (Android)
  • 180, 360 Mono & Stereo Videos
  • Android Vulkan rendering support 

Supported platforms:

Platform Graphics API / Rendering HLS (m3u8) MPEG-DASH (mpd) DRM
DirectX11 / DirectX12
OpenGL ES3, Vulkan
Widevine DRM
WebGL 2.0

Use Cases

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Unreal Engine is the most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Continuously evolving as a state-of-the-art game engine, it is being used by creators in different industries: OTT & broadcast, games, sports, live events, betting, and infotainment. HISPlayer now allows you to include premium video streaming inside Unreal Engine projects and create entirely new user experiences. 

We are also fully compatible with Pixel Streaming: Run your UE Application with actual video objects inside on a server in the cloud and stream its rendered frames and audio to browsers and mobile devices.

Outdoor Advertisement

Our Unreal Engine SDK enables new amazing ways for advertising. As an example, the company Ocean Outdoor designed with HISPlayer SDK a 3D animation of a Samsung Smart TV, presenting the game as if OOH spectators were watching it on their own TV sets. See more about this use case below:

Gambling and Betting

Most of the gambling apps do not include real time video of casinos or roulettes, but just graphical contents. HISPlayer will allow you to combine your current betting apps and web sites with actual video streaming. No more bets please, HISPlayer makes it possible already!

Ateme Virtual Rooms

You can call it metaverse, you can call it game or you can just call it a virtual room where you can now enjoy premium video contents at any device. No limits to your imagination to captivate your audience. 

FunFitLand: Virtual Fitness

We are thrilled to partner with FunFitLan to bring premium video streaming into their innovative virtual Fitness application, where users can dance, combat, and train with professional coaches. Work out your fun way!

OTT content inside Games​

Bring your premium OTT contents into Unity and Unreal games and take your user’s experience to the next level.

Web: E-Learning

Websites are often more convenient to bring your customers into the world of interactivity and metaverse in a faster way, without the need for additional devices such as glasses. Our WebGL SDK is very easy to integrate into any website, making use of HW components to secure 4K video quality.

Unreal Pixel Streaming

Time to generate truly interactive contents customized for your end users profiles? Have you heard of Pixel Streaming? Do you know that our streaming player SDK works now also for Unreal Pixel Streaming? Go for it!


One of the main concerns in the gaming industry is how to monetize or increase the revenue of the games. Our streaming player SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine will let you include and charge for premium video contents. You will be also able to include video ads as it is already common in the OTT industry. Boost your revenue!

Twitch streams inside Games

Our Plugins for Unity and Unreal enable the insertion of premium video streaming inside games. One use case is the combination of well established contents such as Twitch with related games on the same screen and fully customize for the end users. Sounds like a futuristic scenario? We make it possible today!


Metadata doesnt need to be a boring text. Our SDKs for Unity and Unreal will also extract metadata out of your streams and show them to end users in the fanciest way ever seen before. Imaging combining the most advanced graphics with the most advanced metadata!

Microsoft HoloLens

Missing premium video streaming inside your Unreal Engine games for VR and AR headsets? Our Unreal Engine Media Player makes it possible, including the support of Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Our SDK enables very quick integration and the most impressive video quality on the glasses thanks to our HW-optimized software and to our advanced ABR technology. 

In-car Infotainment

In-car infotainment is becoming very popular and one of the key selling arguments in the car industry. Unreal Engine is one of the technologies being used for this purpose; HISPlayer can be also used there, to bring premium video streaming also inside cars. 

Vulkan Rendering

Our Unreal Player SDK is now supporting Vulkan! Specially for devices like Meta Quest, it is a must. Once again, we solve all the technical challenges that might block your great ideas. 

Immersive OTT Apps

With HISPlayer, Unity and Unreal, OTT service providers can now offer their video contents through fully immersive and interactive apps. With the same top quality and even with DRM protection, our customers are reusing their existing contents at game-like OTT apps.

Advanced ABR controls

Did you know that our Unreal Video Player SDK allows you to control the player at the deepest levels? 

We include ABR controls such as:
– Get Track Resolution
– Get Current Resolution
– Select Resolution

Video caching

Fast channel and content switching is key not only for OTT apps but also inside interactive apps and games. We now support video caching in our video streaming player SDK for Unreal Engine, achieving also there the best video user experience. 

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Hardware accelerated decoding

HISPlayer’s Unreal Video Player includes hardware acceleration to provide the best video performance on every device!
In addition, our advanced ABR control (Adaptive Bit Rate) allows an automatic adaptation to the given network conditions to provide the best possible video quality at any time.

Live Events

Want to offer a live event such as a concert, with premium video and audio quality? No problem with HISPlayer plugin, that will even allow you to stream several live videos at the same time for the same Unity or Unreal game. 

HISPlayer is a media player plugin for Unreal Engine, designed for both live streams and video on demand (VOD) streams using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and DASH formats. A Stream Media Source is an asset that enables you to stream a video in the supported URL format inside Unreal Engine. Our Media Player provides streaming functionality in Unreal projects by supporting HLS and DASH. E.g. HLS, the server fragments the media files into segments and creates an index file. This index file contains the list of the media segments and their location that the client reads and uses to format its requests for media playback. HLS also supports variant streams for the media files with different bitrates so the client can minimize stalling in playback. The variant streams are defined in another index file, called the master playlist. For more details on the HLS architecture, check Apple’s HLS documentation.

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