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HISPlayer is the premium Video Streaming Player SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine Games, Metaverses and VR/AR apps. Its technology is a combination of media player software with advanced rendering software, creating a unique product that allows the inclusion of premium video streaming inside Unity and Unreal applications. HISPlayer is available for Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows, MacOS as well as for the most popular VR/AR headsets such as Oculus / Meta Quest or Apple Vision Pro. On top of this, our highly skilled team is able to provide excellent customer support and any kind of customization for the most advanced use cases.

We are also licensing our HTML5 media player software to traditional OTT companies who want to bring their apps into web, smart TVs and gaming consoles with the highest quality and technical support.

HISPlayer’s SDKs come with a fully customizable advanced feature set which includes among others intelligent Adaptive BitRate (ABR), Low Latency, HLS/DASH streaming, Content Protection (DRM), UHD resolutions, advanced Ad Insertion, Time-shifting, Subtitles, 360 video, and Virtual Reality (VR).

Management Team

Carlos Lucas


Carlos Llames

Team leader HTML5 technologies

Ivan Derianto

Team leader Unity/Unreal technologies

Nurik Abdygapar

Business Development Management

Jim Jin

General Manager Asia

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