Paraverse & HISPlayer Uniting for 3D XR Streaming Excellence in Immersive Realms

30 April 2024

Paraverse x HISPlayer Uniting for 3D XR Streaming Excellence in Immersive Realms

Envisioning Tomorrow: Empowering Spatial Innovation through Ecosystem Synergy

In an unprecedented collaboration that sets a new benchmark for technological excellence, Paraverse and HISPlayer proudly announce a strategic partnership that seamlessly integrates HISPlayer’s cutting-edge video streaming technology with Paraverse’s LarkXR plugin suite. This alliance further enriches the component library of LarkXR, a comprehensive enterprise-grade real-time cloud rendering solution for 3D/XR applications, effectively enhancing development efficiency and activating innovative potential applications. Not only does this partnership empower developers to expand the horizons of spatial creativity, but it also signifies a transformative shift in the VR/AR landscape, poised to redefine immersive experiences across the spectrum.

“Our partnership with HISPlayer exemplifies the remarkable synergy within our ecosystem, dedicated to propelling the forefront of spatial innovation and creativity in the 3D XR industry and the metaverse. It’s a testament to our shared vision and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in spatial technology.”


Founder & CEO, Paraverse Technology

“Partnering with leading complementing technologies is key for our company. We are very excited to create new VR/AR use cases with Paraverse, with whom we share the passion for high quality software combined with the creation of the latest innovations.”


CEO, HISPlayer

Technological Excellence Fusion: Catalyzing Spatial Creativity in the VR/AR Renaissance

Paraverse recognizes that its ecosystem partners extensively utilize video playback in 3D virtual space within 3D/XR applications development. For instance, virtual exhibitions employ holographic projection videos to showcase exhibits’ realistic details, while virtual reality environments utilize real-time 360-degree panoramic videos or multi-video streaming to facilitate multi-modal learning, among other uses. 

This creates a heightened demand for video player diversity. While there are existing plug-ins on the market that can address these needs, they often encounter technical challenges such as high video playback latency, low resolution, and poor picture quality. To overcome these hurdles, the collaboration between Paraverse and HISPlayer not only resolves the technical challenges that our partners often encounter but also meets the requirements for high-quality video streaming in 3D/XR applications, thereby delivering an enhanced virtual space experience to the market.
 ecosystem partners, who develop 3D applications for high-precision and complex scenes, utilize 3D application development tools such as Unreal Engine (UE) and Unity. These tools demand high-performance hardware and powerful GPU computing power to achieve high frame rate rendering. However, traditional terminals have limitations in this area, constraining game accessibility and complicating distribution. Consequently, developers are unwavering in their quest for more efficient solutions.

Paraverse has played a pivotal role in empowering UE and Unity developers to achieve no-code or no-modification 3D application cloud operations. Leveraging its groundbreaking LarkXR GPU pooling technology, Paraverse facilitates efficient, ultra-fine-grained resource dynamic scheduling and allocation, thereby maximizing the utilization of GPU arithmetic power and reducing costs. HISPlayer provides, on the other side, a multiplatform video player SDK that enables video streaming of the highest quality across all devices with the most advanced features, such as content protection (DRM). This innovative approach not only preserves the robust development capabilities of both UE and Unity engines but also ensures high image quality, freeing developers from the constraints of local hardware and offering a more efficient and flexible rendering solution. Collaboratively, Paraverse and HISPlayer are working to create complementary value and foster a mutually beneficial symbiotic ecosystem relationship.

Global Leading 3D XR Rendering Technology: Empowering Developers in AI + Spatial Realities Convergence

As spatial computing, AGI, and AIGC evolve and merge, the capabilities of XR wearable devices are set to reshape the future of the metaverse and XR, leading innovation. Paraverse is committed to continuously improving its product features to maintain its first-mover advantage. In addition to the industry’s widely demanded self-developing features, Paraverse also integrates third-party functional components to deepen its tool attributes and ecological features, ensuring its competitiveness and irreplaceability in the global marketplace alongside its ecosystem partners. The HISPlayer video player has a wide range of features, including live and VOD video, multi-video streaming, video advertising or content protection (DRM). HISPlayer incorporates into LarkXR 15 categories of functional components to provide a richer library of components to enhance development efficiency. 

LarkXR, with its high-performance rendering capabilities, ease-of-use, and flexibility, has enabled industry partners and developers to realize many large-scale projects, achieving over 50 million minutes of stable operation across multi-network environments, supporting upwards of 20,000 users simultaneously—a testament to its industry-leading status. (+HISPlayer Competitive Adv) HISPlayer enables video playback inside Unity and Unreal Engine apps across all devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web and VisionOS. The SDK is fully customizable for the most advanced live and VOD video streaming scenarios to meet the highest quality standards. The Paraverse x HISPlayer partnership is believed to be the global leading solution with comprehensive real-time cloud rendering technology, giving both developers and ecosystem partners a leading edge and the capability to realize large-scale deployment of global projects.

Empowering Boundless Integration: Redefining Spatial Computing and AI

Ecosystem Partnership Connectivity: Leading the Way Towards a Shared Vision

Paraverse, with its core real-time cloud rendering technology, charts the future blueprint of spatial computing and the metaverse, advancing the global ecosystem partner strategy. Serving as a crucial mid-layer of the metaverse value chain, Paraverse’s core technologies seamlessly connect cloud computing, networking, 3D engines, and cutting-edge 3D/XR applications and end devices. The collaborative ecosystem between Paraverse and HISPlayer is dedicated to propelling the VR/AR application field into a new era of spatial computing AI, underpinned by comprehensive 3D/XR real-time cloud rendering technology. Paraverse’s partner network spans active regions in the XR industry across Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa, forming global ecosystem dynamics, in a similar way to HISPlayer, present in 5 continents around the glove. (+HISPlayer Competitive Adv) In realizing the global ecosystem partnership strategy, Paraverse and HISPlayer converge technologies, share resources, activate industry potential, and foester business opportunities.

Unite for Innovation: Forging a Visionary Metaverse Ecosystem

About Paraverse Technology

Paraverse Technology is a trailblazing global leader in digital parallel world technology. Our mission is to redefine the construction and operation of parallel worlds, providing enterprises and developers with globally leading real-time cloud rendering and decentralized Web3 technologies for XR applications and 3D digital assets.

  • LarkXR, A Proprietary Enterprise-Grade Real-time Cloud Rendering Solution. Immersive 3D XR Streaming.
  • Web3+3D Cloud Rendering Solution, Built By A Proprietary Decentralized Rendering Network

Since its inception in 2016, Paraverse has built a robust partner network of approximately 1,000 enterprise partners and tens of thousands of developers worldwide. The applications are widely utilized in various fields, including education and training, digital twinning, medical rehabilitation, virtual live broadcasting, AI-powered digital humans, cloud events, and online gaming scenarios.  

About HISPlayer

HISPlayer is the premium video streaming player SDK for Unityand  Unreal Engine games, and VR/AR Apps. Its technology is a combination of media player software and advanced rendering software, resulting in a unique product that allows the inclusion of premium video streaming within Unity and Unreal applications. HISPlayer is available for Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows, and MacOS, as well as for the most popular VR/AR headsets such as Oculus Quest or VisionPro. HISPlayer’s SDKs come with a fully customizable advanced feature set, which includes, among others, intelligent adaptive bitrate (ABR), low latency, HLS/DASH streaming, Content Protection (DRM), UHD resolutions, advanced ad insertion, time-shifting, subtitles, 360 video, and virtual reality (VR). 

Epic Games, ITV, HLS, DASH, HBO, Discovery, Corus Entertainment 

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