What is DRM protection?

What is DRM content protection? Unity and Unreal Video Player Plugins with Digital Rights Management (DRM) 

As more and more OTT services, or immersive XR/VR/AR apps, games, and metaverses using Unity or Unreal Engine offer premium content inside interactive and fully immersive 3D world, DRM-protected content has become essential. Additionally, as video has become ubiquitous, security has become a priority. Companies are seeking solutions to control access to sensitive materials. If you’re producing, delivering, and distributing video content online, having the necessary DRM protection in place is a must.  DRM in Android & iOS projects using Unity

What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) system secures video content providing the ability to control how people can consume your content, preventing unauthorized use and piracy of copyrighted material. It ensures that your intellectual property remains safe by adding an extra layer of security, safeguarding your monetization models and enforcing your rights in the digital landscape. Usually, content owners and producers like all major Hollywood Studios, TV Stations, etc. impose others that buy or rent their content to use specific DRM systems to protect the content.

How does DRM for Unity and Unreal Engine (UE) game and application work?

DRM protected videos are encrypted and packaged using multiple DRM schemes for compatibility with various devices. When a user attempts to play the content, the Unit and Unreal video player plugin requests a decryption key from a license server, which verifies the user/player and device’s authorization. Once verified, the server issues a license response with a decryption key, allowing the player to decrypt and play the content. Therefore, the video player’s role is crucial in delivering DRM-protected content. HISPlayer’s Unity and Unreal Engine (UE) video player supports DRM content protection to deliver premium video content inside Games, Digital Twins, Extended Reality (XR)/VR/AR, Web3 blockchain applications.

Most of the platforms have a DRM mechanism embedded in the hardware or the operating system. But DRM software can also be created by a third-party vendor, like our DRM partners: Verimatrix, Nagra, Inka, EZDRM, Intertrust ExpressPlay, and more. Additionally, for your service, we can integrate any 3rd party DRM lib.  

Packaging content

To prevent unauthorized playback and copy, DRM requires content to be encrypted and packaged in a compatible format, generally MPEG-DASH or HLS. This can be done as part of the transcoding process, or assets can be encrypted and packaged after the fact.

Some platforms and CDNs also support just-in-time asset encryption and packaging as players request. This way, the content can be protected as needed without re-transcoding.

Widevine and PlayReady both support Common Encryption (CENC) and MPEG-DASH, which means you can encrypt and package your content once and decrypt those assets. FairPlay uses SAMPLE-AES encryption and HLS packaging, so you’ll need to encrypt and package your content twice if you need to support all three systems.

Protected content playback inside Unity and Unreal Engine Games, Web3 blockchain Games, and XR applications

HISPlayer is the only Unity and Unreal Engine video player that supports HLS and DASH video streaming with DRM content protection on Android and iOS. When it comes to real-time rendering and 3D game engines, there are some limitations that you should consult with our experts.

Here are the top three DRM that support most of the popular mobile, PC, web browsers, and HMI/set-top devices. 

  • Google’s Widevine. Widevine-protected content can be played in Chrome and Firefox web browsers, as well as on Android and Chromecast devices.
  • Apple’s FairPlay. FairPlay-protected content can be played in Safari on macOS, as well as iPhones, iPads, and AppleTVs.
  • Microsoft’s PlayReady. PlayReady-protected content can be played in Microsoft Edge browsers, Windows Phone, Xbox, and other platforms via SDKs.

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HISPlayer is the most advanced Unity and Unreal Engine Video Player Plugin that enables premium DASH and HLS Video Streaming inside your Games, VR/AR/XR apps, and Metaverses across all devices. We include DRM content protection and advanced use cases such as multi-stream, multiview, video caching, and ad insertion, achieving the convergence of the OTT and Gaming industries. 

Moreover, our fully customizable HTML5 Player SDK for Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles is included in Tizen, WebOS, Web, Xbox, PlayStation and Hisense apps of some of the most advanced OTT services worldwide. It includes features such as ad insertion, customized closed captions, low latency or synchronized ID3 tags. This HTML5 player SDK is part of our Unity and Unreal SDKs, what allows us to optimize the user experience at the deepest level and to customize the SDK’s capability for the most advanced use cases and with no limits.

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