Creating TOPPAN Inc: Virtual Remix Japan

Learn how TOPPAN Corporation has enhanced and renewed the metaverse “VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™

About TOPPAN Inc.

Established in Tokyo in 1900, TOPPAN is a leading and diversified global provider committed to delivering sustainable, integrated solutions in fields including printing, color displays, semiconductors, communications, security, electronics, and digital transformation. 

The Toppan Group is very active in the digital transformation of society and companies. The company aims to expand its business and also promote Japanese culture, and charm both domestically and internationally by supplying digital content to emerging markets such as VR, and the Metaverse. 

Immersive video streaming in metaverse 

TOPPAN’s global team has partnered with HISPlayer to bring highly interactive and premium video streaming into their metaverse. This immersive world includes a virtual store/market, immersive social media, a cosplay content show, and a live event platform

In Virtual Remix Japan, HISPlayer enabled advanced interactive video streaming with the highest quality, short-form videos of products for shopping, synchronizing audio, video, and player actions specifically for the manga world, one of the most challenging of tasks. 

You can see the main contents and features of the metaverse below.


The metaverse is composed of five worlds. Each world is equipped with various mechanisms that allow you to see, feel, and experience the diverse culture of Japan.

Castle Town World

This world is the lobby of VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN, which expresses a dreamlike space by mixing Japan’s historic castle towns with NEO TOKYO. From this place, you can move to five other worlds. Purchase products from the virtual market where goods are displayed in short-form videos, in collaboration with the e-commerce KANAPro Market. A shopping experience based on the metaverse will be offered to fans around the world.

Manga World

Watch Party World, where visitors can watch live the most popular Japanese manga with other fans and experience the unique highly immersive Metaverse. Players also can exchange comments in real-time through text chat using 3D characters and fight with manga villains summoned in 3D form in real-time from the video, streamed on the screen.

Cosplay Contest World

To further advance the fusion of the real and virtual worlds, Cosplay Contest World has added a function that links real-world actions to the metaverse. Photos and videos taken at the event will be exhibited in this world. Participants can interact and vote in real-time for their favorite Cosplayers. This system will stimulate community activity and provide an opportunity for Cosplayers to showcase their talents more widely.

Community World

This is a space where you can experience the Japanese online culture in the Metaverse. You can join threads on topics you are interested in, create a room for a topic you want to talk and enjoy chatting about it. You can freely draw pictures on the paint board in the room, watch short videos with fast channel switching like TikTok, and enjoy the gimmick that the background of the world changes depending on the content of the chat.


Previously, access to VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™ required downloading another company’s platform which was a bit complex. With HISPlayer’s Unity Video Player SDK for webGL, users can now access the immersive 3D world directly from any web browser on a PC or smartphone, making it easy to enjoy Japanese culture in the immersive metaverse space.

Music World

Participants can watch live music videos together in the metaverse space and share their experiences. The lineup of content includes a part of the online live broadcast as well as a Japanese music anime experience. The Music Party World also introduces a function that allows participants to exchange comments in real time through text chat using 3D characters, which Toppan developed as a new expression method.

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