Case Study: HISPlayer HTML5 and VUZ, a leading 360 Video App

About VUZ

Founded in January, 2017, VUZ is the leading virtual reality and 360-degree video production company, offering the world’s largest collection of immersive video contents, with over 20,000 hours of content covering entertainment, music, travel, concerts, creators, sports, and other segments with VR, XR and AR experiences. VUZ has scaled over 1 billion screen views from more than 10 million users since its launch. 

The VUZ vision is to bring people together and connect the world by providing premium 360 video immersive experiences for billions of people worldwide.

The challenge

VUZ stated that developing Media Player internally requires extensive staff to build, maintain, expose them to potential bugs, and force them to limit the feature-set of the player due to native player limitations; all of which would delay time to market and put the project over budget. Not only was VUZ concerned about the limitations and hidden cost of native players, they were also concerned about difficulty to optimize the quality of live 360 video in every device, restrictions to add advanced features, and problems with dynamic ad insertion streams.

The solution

VUZ researched the top media player solutions in the market and chose to embed HISPlayer SDK into their web apps to provide the next level of 360 video immersive experience. 

The HISPlayer SDK gave VUZ complete control over the playback experience. As HISPlayer controls all of its player code and offers personalized 24/7 technical support, the VUZ team was able to add the player SDK into their web apps, enabled advanced and personalized ad insertion with IMA SDK, reduced the ABR-related report, UI button for the 360/VR video, a significant decrease in the stream rebuffering rate and other time-sensitive issues in live channels.

By choosing HISPlayer, VUZ streamlined the go-to-market process for their web apps, allowing them to reach more viewers, increase their subscriber base, and enable advanced functionalities making life easier for their development team.

Our one Player SDK supports HLS and DASH streams on Web Browser, Tizen, WebOS, Xbox, PlayStation 4/5 and Hisense TV apps, allowing service providers to re-use the app development efforts across all these platforms at once.

About HISPlayer

HISPlayer team has over 15 years of experience working with the biggest names in the video gaming, entertainment, and broadcasting industry, including Bell Media, Unity, HOT, Unreal Engine, Ubisoft, Ateme, Sony, BT, ATT, Sky, and Proximus. HISPlayer solves the expensive problem of managing many fragmented devices and platforms, helping broadcasters, video game, and OTT companies stay up-to-date on the latest device software updates to make sure the video player SDK within their apps is future-proof. 

Epic Games, ITV, HLS, DASH, HBO, Discovery, Corus Entertainment 

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